The Overcomers Academy with Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

Healing the Souls of the End-Times Harvesters

A  Special  Invtiation  for  Christians!

Our 5-Fold Promise

Every student who fully participates in every class:

Will have measurable relief from whatever has been giving you trauma, shame or grief.

Will gain wisdom and insight with heavenly and eternal perspectives on your life challenges.

Will experience physical relief and the feeling of a weight lifted or feeling lighter and possibly even physical healing.

Will, as needed, experience DELIVERANCE from the strongholds the enemy has had over you in the past.

Will develop a more intimate, personal relationship with Our Heavenly Father.

The Problem We’ll Resolve

As a Christian, we’re rightfully taught to fast, pray and read scriptures to overcome every problem we face. However, we’re seldom taught how to address trauma, grief or shame living in our physical bodies.

We recognize that you’re a triune being and that we must take into account that our human experience is for our growth and perfection.

In addition to prayer, fasting and scriptures, we want to empower you to recognize and spiritually master your flesh and soul (we call it EGO) so that you can fully yield your will to the will of our Father.

The term “EGO” refers to the “non-spiritual” aspects of your being:

  • your body
  • your flesh
  • your mind
  • your emotions
  • and your independent will

The Possibilities

The healing possibilities are endless. Typically, our students celebrate multi-layered healings such as these in every class:

  • Dissolving worry, panic, anxiety and fear.
  • Gaining clarity and direction directed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Experiencing physical relief and renewal.
  • Enjoying spiritual rejuvenation, passion and purpose.

Here are a few testimonials from students in our Spring Semester of 2023.

Awesome stuff! laughing

Irene restores her energy, passion and purpose…

Shannon’s shift out of distress and into miracles…

Evalyn heals PTSD, relationships, hair loss and insomnia…

The Plan

  • We’ll meet virtually each week for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings (6:30 PM Eastern to 8:00 PM Eastern)
  • We will pray together, invite Holy Spirit to direct us and we’ll seek wisdom and counsel from the Lord at every step.
  • Each week, students vote on the most pressing topic/theme that they want to heal and overcome.
  • We’ll do body work to release the trapped emotions and beliefs where they live – in the MIND and the BODY. You will experience measurable relief!
  • As needed, we will apply The Blood of Christ, break agreements, cast out demons and practice repentance and forgiveness for complete freedom of body, mind and spirit.
  • We’ll practice biblical meditations, ascension and learn how to personalize biblical truths.

Not familiar with The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping technique that Jan uses?
Click or tap here to learn more.

You Have Two (2) Options for Your Level of Participation

Zoom Meeting Student


Just like we would function in a live group workshop, there will be students who engage directly with Jan on our Zoom calls in what we call “The Love Seat.” (We’re not fans of a “hot seat,” how about you?)

Students will interact and help guide the teaching topics on behalf of the audience members who fully participate in all of the activities (albeit, from more of an “observer’s” seat).

$597.00 for 8 Live Calls
(plus special on-demand Bonus materials)

Audience Member via Facebook Live

Audience Member

Audience members will achieve equal healing and results by fully participating. In fact, something amazing can happen when you participate via Facebook Live.

You’re also able to be an observer and, as each student shares their story, it can awaken memories and inspire thinking that you may not have thought of otherwise.

$297.00 for 8 Live Calls
(plus special on-demand Bonus materials)

Bonus for This Semester

We’ll be adding the most powerful topics taught in past classes at The Overcomers Academy and you’ll have access to those via your private Student Homeroom. (This is a value of over $600 all by itself!)

1. Understanding Your Triune Being
2. The Power of Your Words
3. Ascension Prayer Model.
4. Practicing “Be Still and Know…”
5. Removing Emotional Walls
6. The “Meeting God” Meditation
7. And more…

With this in mind, we begin with four (4) agreements:

I give you permission to think differently than me.

We stand in agreement that all healing is ultimately accomplished by our faith in the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

We agree to create a safe, loving environment, where we offer grace and compassion to every student at The Overcomers Academy.

We agree that what is discussed in The Overcomers Academy stays in The Overcomers Academy. We will respect your privacy and expect you to do the same for others by not sharing any information, links, photos or access to our calls and recordings that we provide to you as part of this program.

Our Goal

Every participant in every session will have measurable relief from whatever has been giving them grief and will have an experiential encounter with Holy Spirit and God to give them a sense of hope, peace and love within 60 minutes or less.

Measurable Relief In Minutes Not Months

And this is what measurable results look like for our beautiful student, Patt, in under 60 minutes.

Measurable results for our beautiful student, Patt.
8 Zoom Calls

Eight (8) live, interactive calls on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM Eastern.

Students will meet via Zoom and Audience Members will participate via a live stream to Facebook.

Live calls are 90 minutes.

Private Facebook Group

Private, Members-Only Online Community

A safe and loving members-only Facebook group to share celebrations and challenges.

Not on Facebook? You won’t miss out!

We’ll share highlights and key posts from the group with you via email.

What To Do Now

Registration is now open! Simply select one of the options below to register for the participation level of your choice.

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Zoom Meeting Student



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Audience Member

Audience Member


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