The Overcomers Academy from Jan Luther

Healing the Souls of the Harvesters

What We Do

Heal your trauma, grief and shame.

Tame your inner critic (we call it EGO).

Develop your relationship with your Creator Father God.

Our Goal

Every participant in every session will have measurable relief from whatever has been giving them grief and will have an experiential encounter with Holy Spirit and God to give them a sense of hope, peace and love within 60 minutes or less.

Measurable Relief In Minutes Not Months

And this is what measurable results look like for our beautiful student, Patt, in under 60 minutes.

Measurable results for our beautiful student, Patt.

What We Do Together

We meet together for a 3-month session of live, interactive classes on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Each three-month session is a standalone program. Many students experience so much inspiration, healing and joy that they participate every chance they get.

Holy Spirit always manages to amaze and amuse us with how each session’s topics dovetail beautifully together like pieces of a puzzle.

Each call in this program is student directed. We like to say that you hold the remote and every student gets a vote.

We gather your key topics of interest in a variety of ways:


    • From your registration form.
    • During the orientation call where active students determine their goals and vision.
    • Weekly check-ins.
    • Questions or comments sent to Jan by email or posted in the private members-only Facebook Page.
    • Real-time live situations that show up for an active student that we address in the moment.

Healing Topics Could Include:

  • Broken or ended relationships (Divorce).
  • Death of  a loved one.
  • Health challenges.
  • Finding life’s passion and purpose.
  • Healing resentment and betrayal.
  • Addressing financial or career crises.
  • Healing spiritual or church wounds.

In addition to the healing, each session may include prayer time, meditations and teaching topics on Taming Your EGO.

Building Community with Spiritual Discussion Groups

The community aspect of The Overcomers Academy is a delightful addition.

We’ve been manipulated into thinking that having a difference of opinion means that we should hate and avoid one another. EEEEK! Nothing could be further from the truth.

At The Overcomers Academy our goal is to find as many ways as possible to come into unity of heart and spirit. (We will never actually come into 100% unity of mind anyway.)

With this in mind, we begin with four (4) agreements:

I give you permission to think differently than me.

I encourage you to use your name/title for your Creator/Father God/Mother God. Just like you may call your father Papa or Paw and I call my father Daddy. We honor and include a variety of titles for everyone. Our thought is, “I’m not concerned with what you call Divine Creator God as long as you keep calling.”

You agree to offer the same respect, grace and compassion to every other member of The Overcomers Academy.

You agree that what is discussed in The Overcomers Academy stays in The Overcomers Academy. We will respect your privacy and expect you to do the same for others by not sharing any information, links, photos or access to your calls and recordings that we provide to you as part of this program.

Who Is The Academy For?

The Overcomers Academy is for you if you love God and are more interested in a personal, spiritual relationship with your Creator than in a religious theology. (i.e., You’re more spiritual than religious.)

You’ve been on this earth long enough to know that “hurting people hurt other people” and you want to release the trauma, bitterness and pain so you can heal and get on with your life.

You’re wise enough to admit that life is complicated and often unpredictable and, quite frankly, some things are completely out of your human control.

You’ve experienced a broken heart, disappointments, shame and loneliness and you want healthier self-worth and relationship skills.

You also know intuitively that you’re meant to respond more and react less to your upleasant life circumstances and you want to learn how to be better at this.

And you know that even though you may have meditated, prayed or declared affirmations until you’re blue in the face, things will never change without the touch of the Spirit of God upon them.

You instinctively yearn for greater peace, joy and clarity around your life purpose.

And, most of all, you have a deep yearning and a craving for supernatural, heavenly encounters.

These are exactly the things The Overcomers Academy can help you with!!

Who The Academy is NOT For

Anyone who wants to stay anxious, depressed, angry or bitter as a way of getting pity, playing the victim or defending and protecting your brokenness.

Anyone waiting for revenge or vindication.

Anyone not interested in forgiving and forging ahead with your life.

In a nut shell…if you don’t want to be healed, these offerings aren’t for you.

P.S. Please understand that there is a huge difference between “I want to heal. I just don’t know how” and the verdict that “I won’t let this go because I want someone else to suffer, pay or make it right.” We’ll work through the feelings of resentment, anger and pain if you truly want to be healed!

You Have a Choice of Two Levels of Participation

Student in the Love Seat


Just like we would function in a live group workshop, there will be students who engage directly with Jan in what we call “The Love Seat.” (We’re not fans of a “hot seat,” how about you?)

Students will interact and help guide the teaching topics on behalf of the audience members who fully participate in all of the activities (albeit, from more of an “observer’s” seat).

$597.00 for 12 Live Calls
(that’s the equivalent of about $49/call)

2nd Chair Facebook Live Audience Member

Audience Member

Audience members will achieve equal healing and results by fully participating. In fact, something amazing can happen when you’re able to sit in what we call “The 2nd Chair.”

In the 2nd chair you’re also able to be an observer and, as each student shares their story, it can awaken memories and inspire thinking that you may not have thought of otherwise.

$297.00 for 12 Live Calls
(that’s the equivalent of about $25/call)

12 Live Interactive Zoom Calls

12 live, interactive calls on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Students will meet via Zoom and Audience Members will participate via a live stream to Facebook.

Live calls are 90 minutes.

Following each live call there will be up to one (1) hour of community-building, small group discussion time.

Private Facebook Group

Private, Members-Only Online Community

A safe and loving members-only Facebook group to share celebrations and challenges.

Not on Facebook? You won’t miss out!

We’ll share highlights and key posts from the group with you via email.

Here are a few testimonials from students in our Spring Semester of 2023.

Awesome stuff! laughing

Irene’s testimonial after six weeks in the Spring Semester

Shannon’s testimonial after six weeks in the Spring Semester

Jacque’s testimonial after six weeks in the Spring Semester

Evalyn’s testimonial after 10 weeks in the Spring Semester

What To Do Now


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