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Student Participation in the Spring 2024 Coaching Sessions at The Overcomers Academy

Spring Session 2024 Registration-Student

We're so excited that you want to join us at The Overcomers Academy for the Spring Session of 2024!


Help us get to know you and help us better prepare to present topics that will benefit you most by selecting the top challenge you'd like to address and overcome during this Fall Session.

As a Christian, we believe in the Holy Trinity: God, the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. When you pray, what name do you use to address the Father?
I believe (select all that apply):
I have a practice of praying:
I have a practice of biblical meditation:
Have you ever worked with Jan Luther? (If so, please check all that apply.)

In order to participate in this program, you must agree to comply with its agreements.

Those four (4) agreements are:

1. We give you permission to think differently than we do.

2. We encourage you to use your name/title for your Creator/Father God/Mother God. Just like you may call your father Papa or Paw and I call my father Daddy. We honor and include a variety of titles for everyone. Our thought is, “I’m not concerned with what you call Divine Creator God as long as you keep calling.”

3. You agree to offer the same respect, grace and compassion to every other member of The Overcomers Academy.

4. You agree that what is discussed in The Overcomers Academy stays in The Overcomers Academy. We will respect your privacy and expect you to do the same for others by not sharing any information, links, photos or access to your calls and recordings that we provide to you as part of this program.

By checking the button below and providing my signature, I agree to comply with the four (4) agreements listed above.
Which option below best describes your learning style?
Which of the following do you find most helpful for ensuring you stay engaged and complete all of your classes?
If there were prizes and rewards for progress and completion, I think I'd most enjoy (choose one):
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Would you be willing to help as a moderator in our student Zoom break-out rooms?

Woo hoo!

Only a couple of IMPORTANT steps left for completing your registration!

Once you hit the "Submit My Application" button below, three things are going to happen:

1. You'll be added to the MAILING LIST for this program. IMPORTANT: You will get an email asking you to confirm your addition to the mailing list. (It might go to your junk or spam folder so look there if you don't see it in your inbox.)

2. A PayPal page will open where you can pay for this program.

3. And, finally, once you have paid for the program and your application has been accepted, we'll add you to the membership for this session at The Overcomers Academy. (NOTE: If you have participated in a program at The Overcomers Academy in the past, it may ask you to use your current login information.)

You will know that your registration has successfully processed when you receive the Welcome Email from us. That welcome email will also contain your Welcome Package as a PDF attachment. The welcome email and package will contain all the information you'll want to know about this semester at The Overcomers Academy!

If you have any issues with registering, please feel free to email Michael at michael@janluther.com.